Team building

"Remember, upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all" - Alexander the Great

We design and deliver teambuilding events, using proven psychological approaches that develop team skills and behaviours across the group.

1. Research and Preparation are a crucial part of the overall process to ensure that the team discussions and activities during the training are totally focused on the specific needs of the group. Our approaches can include:

  • A questionnaire to be sent to everybody to assess their perception of how well the teams are operating at all different levels.
  • A team of key people to be invited to help facilitate the activities during the teambuilding event. Prior to the actual teambuilding event this team will also require a briefing on the actual content of the two days and what we require them to do.
  • A day spent with individuals and teams in their workplace informally discussing the teambuilding event, answering any questions that may arise and ensuring that everybody appreciates the relevance of the teambuilding. This means the team approach the event with an open and positive mind.
  • During this stage our objective is to obtain thoughts/ideas and feed back from the whole team to understand the team based issues that people face. We then are able to finalise the exact content, discussion topics and team exercises that we would carry out during the teambuilding events.

    2. The Teambuilding Event will be specifically designed for each client using what we have learned in stage 1. Key areas that we would expect to address are:

    • Ensuring a common understanding the team's goals and objectives.
    • Understanding and respecting roles and responsibilities
    • Building relationships between individuals and teams ensuring

      • - Open and honest communication
      • - Trust and support
      • - The need for idea sharing
    • Challenges with problem solving and decision making

    The teambuilding activities and discussions that we carry out are all aimed at embedding psychological health and wellbeing. The teambuilding events themselves will be highly participative, practical, motivational and fun. We only use methods that enable delegates to relate the learning back to the workplace. Finally, at the end of the event and to ensure ongoing commitment, we will ask everybody to put together an action plan with a set of individual and team goals that they want to achieve over the coming 3-6 months.

    3. Following up teambuilding events is a significant element in ensuring their success. Our consultants have many years experience as both buyers and providers of training and development. We have reflected at length on why training courses so often fall short when it comes to changing behaviour, yet coaching almost invariably pays off. The opportunity to relate to real situations and respond to different learning preferences lies at the heart of the difference. Our reflections have led us to include as many of the elements of coaching as possible in our approach to teambuilding.

    This means that after the completion of an event we will continue to work with your people in small groups or individually until they fully incorporate the changes the event was aimed at achieving.

    Our approach may include:

    • Modular training
    • Follow-up days
    • Small group follow-up
    • One-to-one coaching
    • Development plans
    • On call support
    • Development assignments
    • Working with internal mentors
    • Reading recommendations and review
    • Counselling