Wellbeing, performance and resilience

Our in house training programmes include:

  • Resilience – raising awareness of approaches to building resilience
  • Resilience, wellbeing and performance – approaches and techniques to building resilience
  • Resilience, leadership and management – approaches and techniques to building corporate resilience
  • Resilience - train the trainer for independent consultants

We provide services to meet the development needs of organisations, the workforce and individuals.

Public Resilience Seminars are available through our sister company - the Management Advisory Service.

Resilience Train the Trainer Programmes are available through another sister company - the Resilience Training Company


We provide seminars for large audiences to raise awareness of resilience and what is involved in building the capacity for resilience.

Training and development

We provide workshops for up to 20 participants where approaches and techniques will be provided to build personal capacity for resilience

We provide learning sets facilitated by us where up to 8 people can learn and apply techniques in capacity building under more intensive circumstances.

We provide coaching to those requiring the benefits of a 1 to 1 session that focuses on an individual resilience factor.

We provide coaching for those anticipating a challenging event, as well as for those with an immediate crisis for which help is required immediately

Strategic development

We provide consultancy advice at Corporate level for those organisations seeking to build resilience capacity for the business or service.

We provide consultancy advice at Corporate level for those engaged in developing a Resilience Strategy with the purpose of assessing risks to the business combined with a strategy to build resilience to the risks.

Download The Dimensions of Personal Resilience.

Call us on 01242 241882 or email us to discover how our resilience training programme can help your managers and workforce develop resilience against stress and other adverse events at work and at home.