Resilience assessment

Understanding the degree of resilience we have already is a good starting point in building and sustaining the capacity to be resilient.

Our Resilience Assessment Questionnaire ™ is designed to provide an instant picture of where we need to build our resilience.

The questionnaire is not a psychometric, so it reflects both time and mood, and will give different answers depending on these factors. However, the results do resonate with individual perceptions of ourselves, and therefore, have Face Validity (it feels accurate).

Why not try the on line version of our Resilience Questionnaire on our sister company website, MAS, along with some of the other questionnaires and assessments that are available.

Resilience training

Call us on 01242 241882 or email us to discover how our resilience training programme can help your managers and workforce develop resilience against stress and other adverse events at work and at home.