Introduction to Resilience

What is resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to tolerate excessive demands and stresses without experiencing any stress related problems or threats to performance.

Resilience is also about determination to see something through to a conclusion.

Resilience is often seen as the ability to ‘bounce back’ from an event and to carry on ‘normally’.

Resilience can be built into the capacity of individuals and corporations to withstand the pressures of daily life, as well as excessive demands and stressors.

Why build the capacity for resilience?

Resilience at the corporate and business level is needed to manage risks – the risks of change, loss of reputation; change in the economic environment; political change; changes in the workforce – all of which might damage the success of the enterprise.

Resilience in the workforce is needed to manage the risks brought about by uncertainty, change, mergers, acquisitions, changed personal and work circumstances, dis-engagement – all of which might make the workforce underperform, and threaten the survival of the enterprise.

Resilience in individuals is needed to manage risks arising from life events that may include any challenges or threats to health and wellbeing – moving home, bereavement, job changes, fear, uncertainty, redundancy – all of which might result in underperformance, placing at risk the future for the individual.

How do you build the capacity for resilience?

People and businesses build their resilience in two ways:

  • They experience an adverse event and get through it, thereby adding to their personal and corporate esteem, knowing they can overcome a similar event next time. In some situations the adverse event may be so difficult that overcoming it builds sufficient esteem to enable the individual or the business to feel that they could overcome anything ‘that’s thrown at them’. Another phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ springs to mind.
  • They purposefully build resilience through detailed risk assessments and resilience capacity building activities.

OrganisationHealth focuses on helping individuals, the workforce and businesses to build resilience.

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