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Management Standards for a Healthy Organisation Management Standards for a Healthy Organisation - to strengthen corporate and personal resilience, promote wellbeing and high performance at work, and prevent stress. Professor Derek Mowbray
Corporate Resilience Corporate resilience is the ability to overcome adverse events without under performing. Corporate resilience is an aspect of a healthy organisation that enables the organisation to anticipate, respond, accommodate and recover from adverse events faster than competitors. Professor Derek Mowbray
Corporate Values Values are drivers. Personal values are the features within us that drive us to think and behave in specific ways, sometimes in unusual ways that may cause concern in others. Corporate values should be closely aligned to personal values, for the workforce to be driven to deliver corporate values. Professor Derek Mowbray
Organisation Purpose Identifying the purpose of the organisation is a starting point for building commitment between those who dreamt up the organisation and those who are engaged in delivering its products and services. Professor Derek Mowbray
Stress All organisations need to establish a comprehensive strategy for the prevention and management of stress at work. Stress is often the most common cause of sickness absence, and is the most common reason for psychological presenteeism Professor Derek Mowbray
Employee Outlook Employee outlook - Emerging from the downturn? Covering aspects such as employees view of managment, job satisfaction and security, pressure at work etc. CIPD
Positive Work Culture Building and sustaining a Positive Work Culture is a major step towards increasing wellbeing and performance. Professor Derek Mowbray
Stress Prevention The prevention of stress at work Professor Derek Mowbray
Enhancing Performance Increasing performance and profitability the psychological way Professor Derek Mowbray in HR Zone
Enhancing Performance Business leaders warned as apathy takes toll on productivity BITC
Enhancing Performance People, our greatest asset - Wealth from employee health BITC
Enhancing Performance Strategic direction = engaged employees = competitive advantage Watson Wyatt
Management training Competency framework for line managers HSE CIPD
Management training Training in the art of managerial seduction Professor Derek Mowbray in Training Zone
Management training Managing people in a changing world Price Waterhouse Cooper
Staff retention Employee Retention Survey 2008 - Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Retention Talent Drain
Staff retention Employers and employees disagree about why people change jobs - Watson Wyatt
Absence management Absence and labour turnover survey CBI AXA
Absence management Absence management - Develop an absence strategy ACAS HSE CIPD
Absence management Absence management - Do you have an absence problem? ACAS HSE CIPD
Absence management Absence management - Long-term absence ACAS HSE CIPD
Absence management Absence Management - Short-term recurrent absence ACAS HSE CIPD
Absence management Approaches to attendance management Investors in People Direct
Absence management Bid to tackle sick note culture BBC News
Absence management Dealing with short term absences without facing claims for discrimination Charles Price
Absence management HR Professionals blame stress for absenteeism HR Director
Absence management Making recovery a reality Sainsbury Centre
Absence management Manage absence and sickness Business Link Guide
Absence management Sickness at work - the big story David Bolchover The Times
Conflict & bullying Avoiding tribunal trouble Natalie Cooper in Personnel Today
Conflict & bullying Discipline and grievance at work - draft guide ACAS
Conflict & bullying Disclipline and grievance at work - Draft code of practice ACAS
Conflict & bullying Managing conflict guide Jan 2008 CIPD
Conflict & bullying Mediation, a practice underutilised in workplace conflict resolution CIPD
Conflict & bullying Report on bullying Sept 2008 TUC
Conflict & bullying Resolving disputes - a guide for employees DTI
Conflict & bullying Beat bullying in the workplace - the Role of Human Resources DTI & Unite
Conflict & bullying Role of leaders to beat bullying in the workplace DTI & Unite
Conflict & bullying The cost of workplace bullying Unite the Union Health Workforce Bulletin
Workplace stress Crash Course in Managing Stress Professor Derek Mowbray
Workplace stress Guidance on work related stress - Spice of life or kiss of death European Commission
Workplace stress Improving efficiency by managing work related stress HSE
Workplace stress Improving line management through identifying key stress management competencies CIPD
Workplace stress Management competencies for preventing and reducing stress at work HSE
Workplace stress Management competencies for preventing and reducing stress at work -Phase 2 2008 HSE
Workplace stress Managing stress in the workplace OPP
Psychological wellbeing Happiness at Work Increases Near Retirement – But for Men More Than Women, Says New Research. Quality of Working Lives
Psychological wellbeing Mental health at work - developing the business case Sainsbury Centre
Psychological wellbeing Mental health at work TUC
Psychological wellbeing Workplace mental health NICE
Psychological wellbeing Improving health through human resource management - Summary findings CIPD HPMA DH
Psychological wellbeing Mental health in the workplace - spotting signs of depression ACAS
Psychological wellbeing Organisation Health and the ROI of Wellbeing Paul Kearns