About Us

The purpose of OrganisationHealth Psychologists Limited is to help all types of organisations achieve peak performance by promoting proven psychologically positive behaviours and reducing negativity and damaging stress.

Our approach is to address the context for workplace behaviour and to help individuals and the organisation establish and sustain a culture of trust and commitment. This has been repeatedly shown as the most effective and sustainable way of improving motivation, performance and productivity.

Our Clients

OrganisationHealth consultants have worked with blue chip industrials, S.M.E.’s, leaders in the service and financial sectors, high street retailers, the public sector such as NHS and education institutions, and major voluntary organisations.

Our People

OrganisationHealth is an affiliation of highly experienced, highly qualified psychologists, leadership and management trainers, performance coaches and business mentors, all with a common purpose and shared values.

Our consultants have uniquely distinguished track records. They have all established and grown their own businesses and have chosen to join OrganisationHealth because of our passion to make a difference to the performance of organisations and their people.